Các bài nghiên cứu mới về Đô thị thông minh (Đô thị thông minh - Smart city)

Cục Thông tin KH&CN Quốc gia trân trọng kính gửi đến các nhà khoa học những nghiên cứu mới nhất về SMART CITY trên thế giới. Bao gồm những bài viết đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống năm 2021.


1. Traffic Flow Management of Autonomous Vehicles Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Smart Rerouting

Anum Mushtaq; Irfan Ul Haq; Muhammad Usman Imtiaz ;Asifullah Khan; Omair Shafiq

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


2. A Localization and Navigation Method for an In-Pipe Robot in Water Distribution System Through Wireless Control Towards Long-Distance Inspection

Saber Kazeminasab; M. Kathrine Banks

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


3. IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Communication and Fog/Edge Computing Toward Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVS)

Lei Shu; Junhui Zhao; Yi Gong; Changqing Luo; Tim Gordon

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


4. Novel donation sharing mechanisms under smart energy cyber-physical-social system and DLT to contend the energy poverty problem

Umit Cali; Ozan Çakir

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Early Access Article | Publisher: IEEE


5. An Optimal Energy-Saving Home Energy Management Supporting User Comfort and Electricity Selling With Different Prices

Huy Truong Dinh; Daehee Kim

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


6. Household-Level Energy Forecasting in Smart Buildings Using a Novel Hybrid Deep Learning Model

Dabeeruddin Syed; Haitham Abu-Rub; Ali Ghrayeb; Shady S. Refaat

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


7. Robust Data Predictive Control Framework for Smart Multi-Microgrid Energy Dispatch Considering Electricity Market Uncertainty

Ibrahim Brahmia; Jingcheng Wang; Haotian Xu; Hongyuan Wang; Luca De Oliveira Turci

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


8. A smart charging algorithm based on a fast charging station without energy storage system

Qifu Cheng; Lei Chen; Qiuye Sun; Rui Wang; Dazhong Ma; Dehao Qin

CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems

Year: 2021 | Volume: 7, Issue: 4 | Journal Article | Publisher: CSEE


9. Boosting the Usage of Green Energy for EV Charging in Smart Buildings Managed by an Aggregator Through a Novel Renewable Usage Index

Cindy P. Guzmán; Nataly Bañol Arias; John Fredy Franco; João Soares; Zita Vale; Rubén Romero

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


10. Peak Loads Shaving in a Team of Cooperating Smart Buildings Powered Solar PV-Based Microgrids

Ahmed Ouammi

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE



1. Introduction to the special issue on “Biometrics in Smart Cities: Techniques and Applications (BI_SCI)”

Pattern Recognition Letters, 8 May 2021, Volume 148 (Cover date: August 2021), Pages 43-44

Michele Nappi, Silvio Barra, Pandi Vijayakumar


2. Contributing to the current research agenda in digital transformation in the context of smart cities

International Journal of Information Management, 22 February 2021, Volume 58 (Cover date: June 2021), Article 102330

Maja Ćukušić


3. Introduction to the Special issue on Advances of neurocomputing for smart cities (NEUROCOM for smart cities)

Neurocomputing, 26 January 2021, Volume 444 (Cover date: 15 July 2021), Pages 67-68

Kenli Li, Keqin Li, Xiaokang Wang


4. Special issue on role of computer vision in smart cities

Image and Vision Computing, 22 January 2021, Volume 107 (Cover date: March 2021), Article 104113

Wei Wei, Jinsong Wu, Chunsheng Zhu


5. Social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies: Intelligent Computing for future smart cities

Sustainable Cities and Society, 24 December 2020, Volume 66 (Cover date: March 2021), Article 102676

Anand Nayyar, Sara Paiva, Akshi Kumar


6. Retraction notice to “Constrained Application for mobility management using Embedded Devices in the Internet of Things based Urban Planning in Smart Cities” [Sustain. Cities Soc. 44 (January) (2019) 144–151]

Sustainable Cities and Society, 13 December 2020, Volume 65 (Cover date: February 2021, )Article 102651

Sadia Din, Anand Paul, Hyuncheol Seo


7. Information management as a dual-purpose process in the smart city: Collecting, managing and utilizing information

International Journal of Information Management, 18 August 2020, Volume 56 (Cover date: February 2021), Article 102224

Miltiadis D. Lytras, Anna Visvizi


8. Ranking cities based on their smartness level using MADM methods

Sustainable Cities and Society, 19 May 2021, Volume 72 (Cover date: September 2021), Article 103030

Kimiya Rahmani Mokarrari, S. Ali Torabi


9. Designing smart and sustainable irrigation: A case study

Journal of Cleaner Production, 23 June 2021, Volume 315 (Cover date: 15 September 2021), Article 128048

Henner Gimpel, Valerie Graf-Drasch, Kathrin Neumeier


10. Resilience of the Smart Transport System – Risks and Aims

Transportation Research Procedia, 21 July 2021, Volume 55 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 1635-1640

Maroš Lacinák



1. Sudden passenger flow characteristics and congestion control based on intelligent urban rail transit network

Yulei Wang, Meng Li, Jian Zhou, Hongyu Zheng in Neural Computing and Applications (2021)


2. On prediction of traffic flows in smart cities: a multitask deep learning based approach

Fucheng Wang, Jiajie Xu, Chengfei Liu, Rui Zhou, Pengpeng Zhao in World Wide Web (2021)


3. AI-enabled device digital forensics for smart cities

Sungbum Kim, Wooyeon Jo, Jino Lee, Taeshik Shon in The Journal of Supercomputing (2021)


4. Towards sustainable smart IoT applications architectural elements and design: opportunities, challenges, and open directions

Zainab H. Ali, Hesham A. Ali in The Journal of Supercomputing (2021)


5. A fire detection model based on power-aware scheduling for IoT-sensors in smart cities with partial coverage

Mostafa El-Hosseini, Hanaa ZainEldin… in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humani… (2021)


6. Efficient service discovery in mobile social networks for smart cities

Yonghong Guo, Lu Liu, John Panneerselvam, Rongbo Zhu in Computing (2021)


7. The Wireless Access for Future Smart Cities as a Large Scale Complex Cyber Physical System

Vladimir Poulkov in Wireless Personal Communications (2021)


8. IoT-Fog-Cloud model for anomaly detection using improved Naïve Bayes and principal component analysis

S. Manimurugan in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2021)


9. Attribute-based data fusion for designing a rational trust model for improving the service reliability of internet of things assisted applications in smart cities

S. Baskar, Rajalakshmi Selvaraj, Venu Madhav Kuthadi, P. Mohamed Shakeel in Soft Computing (2021)


10. Performance analysis of regression algorithms and feature selection techniques to predict PM2.5 in smart cities

Alisha Banga, Ravinder Ahuja… in International Journal of System Assurance … (2021)



1. AI Perspectives in Smart Cities and Communities to Enable Road Vehicle Automation and Smart Traffic Control

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2. Real Time Multipurpose Smart Waste Classification Model for Efficient Recycling in Smart Cities Using Multilayer Convolutional Neural Network and Perceptron

Gondal, Ali Usman; Sadiq, Muhammad Imran; Ali, Tariq; Muhammad Irfan; Ahmad Shaf; et al. Sensors; Basel Vol. 21, Iss. 14,  (2021): 4916.


3. Guangzhou Digital City Landscape Planning Based on Spatial Information from the Perspective of Smart City

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5. Disaster Management in Smart Cities

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7. Research on BIM Technology in Smart City

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8. Vehicular Crowdsourcing for Congestion Support in Smart Cities

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9. The connection of smart cities approach and social innovation

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10. Cost Efficient Automatic Car Parking Facility towards Smart City

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