Thiết kế, xây dựng các công trình hạ tầng thông minh

Công trình hạ tầng kỹ thuật là bao gồm tất cả những cơ sở hạ tầng được dựng nên, tạo ra nhằm phục vụ các dịch vụ công cộng, nhu cầu thiết yếu trong cuộc sống của người dân như: Điện, hệ thống cầu, đường, trường học, bệnh viện… Hạ tầng thông minh là hạ tầng được tạo thành và quản lý bằng công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông (ICT), phục vụ tốt cho mục tiêu phát triển bền vững của thành phố

Để hiểu rõ hơn Cục Thông tin khoa học và công nghệ quốc gia xin giới thiệu một số bài nghiên cứu đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống. 


1. Design and implementation of a smart infrastructure digital twin

Automation in Construction 19 February 2022 Volume 136 (Cover date: April 2022) Article 104171

Didem Gürdür BrooMiguel Bravo-HaroJennifer Schooling

2. Advanced metering infrastructure smart metering based on cloud architecture for low voltage distribution networks in application of smart grid monitoring

Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 22 April 2022 Volume 35 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 100747

Fawaz Alassery

3. Towards a sustainable monitoring: A self-powered smart transportation infrastructure skin

Nano Energy 14 April 2022 Volume 98 (Cover date: July 2022) Article 107245

Qiang ZhengYue HouZhong Lin Wang

4. In-situ synthesizing carbon nanotubes on cement to develop self-sensing cementitious composites for smart high-speed rail infrastructures

Nano Today 26 February 2022 Volume 43 (Cover date: April 2022) Article 101438

Siqi DingYu XiangJinping Ou

5. Design and implementation of a smart metering infrastructure for low voltage microgrids

International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 12 July 2021 Volume 134 (Cover date: January 2022) Article 107375

Ersan KabalcıYasin KabalcıPierluigi Siano

6. Advanced metering infrastructure for low voltage distribution system in smart grid based monitoring applications

Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 9 February 2022 Volume 35 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 100691

Thandava Krishna Sai PandrajuSarita SamalDharmesh Dhabliya

7. Pave the way for sustainable smart homes: A reliable hybrid AC/DC electricity infrastructure

Electric Power Systems Research 2 June 2022 Volume 210 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 108128

Chenour ArdalanVahid VahidinasabJoão P. S. Catalão

8. Automated Demand Response in Smart Distribution Grid: A Review on Metering Infrastructure, Communication Technology and Optimization Models

Electric Power Systems Research 3 February 2022 Volume 206 (Cover date: May 2022) Article 107835

Abhishek TiwariNaran M. Pindoriya

9. Envisioning carbon-smart and just urban green infrastructure

Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 18 July 2022 Volume 75 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 127682

Jussi LampinenOriol García-AntúnezChristopher M. Raymond

10. Big data analytics in smart cities’ transportation infrastructure modernization

Transportation Research Procedia 30 June 2022 Volume 63 (Cover date: 2022) Pages 2385-2391

Denis UshakovEgor DudukalovKhodor Shatila

11. Autonomous health assessment of civil infrastructure using deep learning and smart devices

Automation in Construction 9 June 2022 Volume 141 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 104396

Isaac Osei AgyemangXiaoling ZhangBless Lord Y. Agbley

12. Advances in multifunctional cementitious composites with conductive carbon nanomaterials for smart infrastructure

Cement and Concrete Composites 20 February 2022 Volume 128 (Cover date: April 2022) Article 104454

Wengui LiWenkui DongSurendra P. Shah

13. Transport infrastructure of a «smart city» in the focus of disability

Transportation Research Procedia 30 June 2022 Volume 63 (Cover date: 2022) Pages 2378-2384

Elmira NaberushkinaEkaterina VoevodinaDmitry Raidugin

14. Intrinsic graphene/cement-based sensors with piezoresistivity and superhydrophobicity capacities for smart concrete infrastructure

Automation in Construction 19 October 2021 Volume 133 (Cover date: January 2022) Article 103983

Wenkui DongWengui LiDaichao Sheng

15. UAV based long range environment monitoring system with Industry 5.0 perspectives for smart city infrastructure

Computers & Industrial Engineering 9 March 2022 Volume 168 (Cover date: June 2022) Article 108066

Rohit SharmaRajeev Arya

16. ConvXSS: A deep learning-based smart ICT framework against code injection attacks for HTML5 web applications in sustainable smart city infrastructure

Sustainable Cities and Society 23 February 2022 Volume 80 (Cover date: May 2022) Article 103765

Koundinya KuppaAnushka DayalShailendra Rathore

17. Digital twins and artificial intelligence in transportation infrastructure: Classification, application, and future research directions

Computers and Electrical Engineering 19 April 2022 Volume 101 (Cover date: July 2022) Article 107983

Jingyi WuXiao WangZhihan Lv

18. Social equity implications of advanced water metering infrastructure

Utilities Policy 15 September 2022 Volume 79 (Cover date: December 2022) Article 101430

Miriam SolisSamira Binte Bashar

19. The social sustainability of smart cities: A conceptual framework

City, Culture and Society 26 April 2022 Volume 29 (Cover date: June 2022) Article 100460

SugandhaRobert FreestonePaola Favaro

20. Pandemic management, citizens and the Indian Smart cities: Reflections from the right to the smart city and the digital divide

City, Culture and Society 17 August 2022 Volume 30 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 100474

Maitrayee MullickArchana Patnaik

21. Internet of things based smart city design using fog computing and fuzzy logic

Sustainable Cities and Society 23 January 2022 Volume 79 (Cover date: April 2022) Article 103712

Kartik Krishna BhardwajSiddhant BanyalWaleed Al-Numay

22. The effect of urban innovation performance of smart city construction policies: Evaluate by using a multiple period difference-in-differences model

Technological Forecasting and Social Change 5 September 2022 Volume 184 (Cover date: November 2022) Article 122003

Qingbin GuoJinrong Zhong

23. Smart transport in a smart city: European and Russian development management track

Transportation Research Procedia 30 June 2022 Volume 63 (Cover date: 2022) Pages 844-852

Elena BolgovaElena KorolevaSergey Bolgov

24. Smart streetlight framework for collision prediction of vehicles

Expert Systems with Applications 5 July 2022 Volume 208 (Cover date: 1 December 2022) Article 118030

Sudhanshu TripathiDhananjay Singh

25. Model-based valuation of smart grid initiatives: Foundations, open issues, requirements, and a research outlook

Data & Knowledge Engineering 28 July 2022 Volume 141 (Cover date: September 2022) Article 102052

Sybren de KinderenMonika Kaczmarek-HeßIván S. Razo-Zapata

26. Impact of mass-scale deployment of electric vehicles and benefits of smart charging across all European countries

Applied Energy 24 February 2022 Volume 312 (Cover date: 15 April 2022) Article 118676

Andrea MangipintoFrancesco LombardiEmanuela Colombo

27. An in-depth analysis of electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, policy implications, and future trends

Energy Reports 17 September 2022 Volume 8 (Cover date: November 2022) Pages 11504-11529

Muhammad Shahid MastoiShenxian ZhuangJong-Suk Ro

28. Overview of smart grid implementation: Frameworks, impact, performance and challenges

Journal of Energy Storage 7 February 2022 Volume 49 (Cover date: May 2022) Article 104056

Malik Ali JudgeAsif KhanHasan Ali Khattak

29. Smart roads: A state of the art of highways innovations in the Smart Age

Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal 7 May 2021 Volume 25 (Cover date: January 2022) Article 100986

Andrea PompignaRaffaele Mauro

30. Moving to a future of smart stormwater management: A review and framework for terminology, research, and future perspectives

Water Research 9 April 2022 Volume 218 (Cover date: 30 June 2022) Article 118409

James L WebberTim FletcherPeter Melville-Shreeve

31. Towards a smart water city: A comprehensive review of applications, data requirements, and communication technologies for integrated management

Sustainable Cities and Society 18 October 2021 Volume 76 (Cover date: January 2022) Article 103442

Martin OberascherWolfgang RauchRobert Sitzenfrei

32. Infrastructure monitoring and quality diagnosis in CNC machining: A review

CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 23 June 2022 Volume 38 (Cover date: August 2022) Pages 631-649

Myrsini NtemiSpyridon ParaschosIoannis Kompatsiaris

33. Framework for the design and automatic deployment of smart grid applications

Electric Power Systems Research 14 July 2022 Volume 212 (Cover date: November 2022) Article 108531

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34. Applications of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies for enabling prosumers in smart grids: A review

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35. Innovations in Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure: Tackling local and global challenges in cities

Journal of Cleaner Production 26 May 2022 Volume 362 (Cover date: 15 August 2022) Article 132355

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36. Digital from farm to fork: Infrastructures of quality and control in food supply chains

Journal of Rural Studies 24 October 2021 Volume 91 (Cover date: April 2022) Pages 228-235

Dr Andrew Donaldson

37. Modelling smart grid IT-OT dependencies for DDoS impact propagation

Computers & Security 6 November 2021 Volume 112 (Cover date: January 2022) Article 102528

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38. Systematic survey of advanced metering infrastructure security: Vulnerabilities, attacks, countermeasures, and future vision

Future Generation Computer Systems 27 June 2022 Volume 136 (Cover date: November 2022) Pages 358-377

Mostafa ShokryAli Ismail AwadAshraf A. M. Khalaf


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10. Current and Future Communication Solutions for Smart Grids: A Review

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13. A Self-Tuning Cyber-Attacks’ Location Identification Approach for Critical Infrastructures

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14. BEAT: Blockchain-Enabled Accountable and Transparent Infrastructure Sharing in 6G and Beyond

Tooba Faisal; Mischa Dohler; Simone Mangiante; Diego R. Lopez

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15. A Comprehensive Review of Cybersecurity in Inverter-Based Smart Power System Amid the Boom of Renewable Energy

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16. Short-Term Three-Phase Load Prediction With Advanced Metering Infrastructure Data in Smart Solar Microgrid Based Convolution Neural Network Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit

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17. On the Use of LoRaWAN and Cloud Platforms for Diversification of Mobility-as-a-Service Infrastructure in Smart City Scenarios

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19. Realizing Robust, Lightweight Strong PUFs for Securing Smart Grids

Vinay C. Patil; Sandip Kundu

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20. Hybrid PLC and LoRaWAN Smart Metering Networks: Modeling and Optimization

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23. Dynamic Price-Enabled Strategic Energy Management Scheme in Cloud-Enabled Smart Grid

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27. MESON: A Platform for Optimized Cross-Slice Communication on Edge Computing Infrastructures

Dimitrios Laskaratos; Ioannis Dimolitsas; George Papathanail; Maria-Evgenia Xezonaki; Angelos Pentelas; Vasileios Theodorou; Dimitrios Dechouniotis…

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28. Stability and Accuracy Analysis of a Distributed Digital Real-Time Cosimulation Infrastructure

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